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Know Your Online Casino Payment Options

Know Your Online Casino Payment Options

When it comes to gambling, there is really no point other than getting paid. Sure gambling can be great entertainment,...

You Should be Playing at Fast Payout Casinos

You Should be Playing at Fast Payout Casinos

Raise your hand if you love waiting for weeks to get your paycheck, a loan reimbursement or the funds your...

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Know Your Online Casino Payment Options

When it comes to gambling, there is really no point other than getting paid. Sure gambling can be great entertainment, relaxing and a stress buster, but if there is no payoff for your efforts, what’s the point. Kiwi players are gambling at online sites for the money they can win first and foremost. And a huge part of selecting the ideal casino is in selecting a payment option that suits you best. And quite frankly, some casinos are just frankly better than others as far as payment options are concerned. And then consider this. Even if a casino is great otherwise, if they don’t have the ideal payment option for you, then chances are there are a few things missing otherwise in the casino’s offerings as well. After all, there are mediocre online casinos, good casinos, and then now and then you find a great casino.

Where to find the payment options quickly at an online casino

The first thing to know is that online casinos have a very frustrating habit. Go to most online casino websites and their games, whether it be online slots, blackjack, poker or whatever game floats your boat are literally plastered all over their website, As to the payment options, the vast majority of casinos tend to place their banking information with a solid black background and then a complementary color such as purple. The only way you can really read the banking information is to use your mouse and scroll over the banking information as if you were going to copy and paste it. Otherwise, the banking information is unreadable. In fact, many casinos almost seem to deliberately hide the banking information until you have signed up for an account with them. Thus, the best way to find out the payment information on a website is to do several searches for review sites.
As an example, we went to a well-known and popular casinos website, clicked on their banking information, which was all in black with purple lettering and had a general idea of several of the most popular payment and withdrawal options.

However, when we typed in review site for the same casino we found out the following options:

  • ecoPayz
  • Visa
  • InstaDebit
  • MasterCard
  • eCheque
  • iDebit
  • Qiwi Wallet
  • EntroPay
  • WebMoney
  • PayPal
  • WireTransfer
  • Skrill
  • VisaDelta

As the author of this article, it took me less than a minute to type in the name of the casino and the words review, and then research one or two articles that provide reviews. And I learned far more about the payment options than I ever imagined by going to the casino’s own website. For example, many review sites will tell you not only which methods your can use for a payout, but in addition, the minimum amount you need to get a payoff, (typically around $10 dollars) but also how long to expect the casino to make the payoff. For example, if you elect to be paid by Paypal, the payout for this casino is on average 24 to 48 hours. Really fast. However, if you elect to be paid by check, count on 14 to 21 days.

In general, knowing how fast the payoff will occur is just as much a factor as is knowing a payment method is available.

Credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) as payment.

Almost every online casino offers payment by credit card, and if they don’t, you probably do not want to play at the casino. Generally, credit cards are the most secure payment method. There is a hitch, however. Let’s say you deposited $1,000 to a casino by a Visa Credit Card. Next, you go to the casino, bet on the slots, and hit a jackpot for $5,000. Sometimes, the internal, behind-the-scenes procedures of the bank that issued the credit card may only allow you to receive $1,000 (your initial amount of deposit) via the credit card. The other $4,000, in this case, would need to be accepted by alternative means. It doesn’t happen that often, but it is a possibility. On the other hand, we have never encountered a payment that did not go through by a Visa Credit Card.

Skrill and Neteller

The second only to credit cards and debit card use is using an eWallet such as Neteller or Skrill. With both, deposits are nearly instantaneous and you will be paid for withdrawals in 24 to 48 hours. One very big reason people love to use Skrill and Neteller is that they do not want to reveal their private banking information to the casino. The only problem is that there are fees involved, typically between $6.75 to $10 to withdraw money from your Skrill account to your bank account. Count on generally 1 per cent, but it could be more depending upon whether you are a VIP member or not. But Skrill and Neteller both are extremely safe and reliable.


Paypal is one of the quickest and most reliable methods for both deposits and withdrawals of funds. Generally, a casino that allows the use of Paypal will payout in as soon as 24 hours. However, as almost all online casinos are overseas from New Zealand, there are fees involved in receiving payment. The good news, however, is that PayPal only works with the most reputable Casinos, so if a casino does may payments via Paypal, you know they are reputable.


If the speed of payment is not an issue with you, consider eChecks. There is virtually no charge for eChecks. The casino pays all costs, not you. If you don’t mind waiting 14 to 21 days, eChecks are extremely safe, easy to deposit into your bank account, and are as safe as they come. While not as popular as other methods, if a casino offers eChecks, then give them a shot at making your payment request. If you like, start with a small withdrawal first to test the procedure.

You Should be Playing at Fast Payout Casinos

Raise your hand if you love waiting for weeks to get your paycheck, a loan reimbursement or the funds your mother-in-law promised to repay so long ago, you’ve lost track of the day you said yes to her request. We don’t see a single hand that’s been raised in response to our question — including yours. Instant gratification is a factor in many of the things you do, buy and expect and you’ve got lots of company on planet Earth when it comes to justifying your urges. According to the U.S. magazine Psychology Today, every one of us is hooked on something. The fast gratification we seek is a result of pervading social norms that include a universal desire to avoid delay, deal with uncertainty, push our imagination as far as it will go. Now factor in impatience, emotions, mood swings and it’s easy to see why we want to be paid and rewarded now rather than later. You want food, love, rest, excitement and results now – so why wouldn’t you prefer playing at fast payout online casinos? It’s only human, after all. But perhaps you need to justify your desire for fast payouts to yourself. No worries, mate. We’ve got lots of them, and they’re all legit, so feel free to adopt any or all of these reasons to double down on visits to fast playout casinos on your shortlist.

These 5 reasons offer reassurances you can take to the bank

Reason #1: You love the idea of knowing exactly how much you can budget on your next gamble once you get your hands on a payout. No waiting. No mulling. No bank overdrafts! Having control over your budget can add to your confidence and keep your impulses in check.

Reason #2: Your brain loves fast payouts and why wouldn’t you want to reward your head for doing such a brilliant job of keeping you alive? According to Inc magazine, we’ve all got a skirmish going on in our brains: Emotions v. abstract reasoning. Guess which wins most battles unless you’re terribly disciplined? You want that cake. You want that win. You want that reward. Now.

Reason #3: Withdrawal options are awesome. No queuing with chips in hand waits for checks to be cut and time-wasting bank trips thanks to technology, New Zealand’s savvy system and options. Here’s how withdrawals work: You visit the payment section and request your funds. Select the cash out the method you prefer and stipulate the amount you wish to withdraw. The casino’s financial department reviews your request to make sure you’re neither an underage player nor part of a money-laundering scheme. You exercise a little patience and funds land in your account within 24 hours. Some e-wallets and cryptocurrencies process in an instant.

Reason #4: You have so many financial options. Having established credit means you likely have open accounts, any of which could be the resource you employ to handle every transaction. Among them are Web Wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Eco-Payz, UPayCard and Neteller and if Crypto is your thing, you can send and receive money instantly. Don’t forget credit cards. Mastercard and Visa issuers are among the most secure avenues you can use when frequenting fast payout casinos.

Reason #5: Because you can! Not every nation has a few rules and regs as New Zealand when it comes to fast payout casinos so your choice of staying loyal to these resources just makes sense. After all, every transaction comes with bonuses, say folks monitoring this industry at You’ll get fair terms and conditions from folks who put players needs before profits. “Instant payout casinos don’t try to trick their customers either,” they add.

Ready to jump in? These 9 fast pay casinos never disappoint

1. SkyCity consistently ranks #1 when New Zealanders rank their favourite fast play casinos.

2. Jonny Jackpot’s slots, casino games, live casino and jackpots dare folks visiting the site to get bored.

3. CasiGo prides itself on hosting the newest games like Treasure Skyland, Riches of Robin and Fluffy in Space.

4. Captain Spins’ claim to fame includes offering only top games from top providers to satisfied customers.

5. Casino Dome’s futuristic fantasy and fast payouts reign, so if UFOs and free spins intrigue you, this could be your nirvana.

6. Jackpot Molly: This chick has it going on, but she’s just as happy playing with either gender eager for a fast payout.

7. Casino Lab: No physics degree is required to sample this site in fun or demo mode or for real using whatever currency you prefer.

8. Caxino: Drop in for real-time rewards with lightning-fast payment processes plus ultra-slick navigation not found elsewhere.

9. Jackpot City: Want 80 bonus spins for your $1 investment? Find a temporary playpen at what management calls this absolutely mad site.

Like what you see? Nothing is stopping you from visiting each of these sites to figure out which one makes you feel like a high roller. The odds are in your favour; even during the times, you don’t win you’re going to have a blast playing as you anticipate what awaits you on the horizon. Take a chance. Your brain will thank you!

Best Gambling Books of All Time

Gambling Books

Being a gambler, you should know the right time to bet and how to quit. There is a lot to learn about the activity before you head over to a casino to play on the tables or machines. With plenty of resources available today, you can easily scrape information from online archives and pages to learn about the game. The issue with the content available on your screens is that it can be misguiding if you are not aware of the working of the games. Reading the books may give you a closer look at all the details of what goes on within the casinos and each game. It also applies when you are engaging in sports betting. Let us look at some of the best books you can buy to learn to gamble.

1.      Sharp Sports Betting

This book by Stanford Wong focuses on various aspects of betting on sports. Unlike the other books, this one isn’t complex and doesn’t require much proficiency in the activity to understand the basics. However, you need to put in some effort and have some commitment to peruse Sharp Sports Betting. Since it has features that may be new to you, taking it slow will help you better understand all the options available. The chapters include tips on how to place bets, money management, parlays, handicapping, basic math involved, fan money, season wins, Poisson props, NFL gaming options, and much more. You are also offered appendices, tables of data, and glossaries in the book to make it easier for you to understand the printings on the pages.

Sharp Sports Betting

2.      Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling

Andrew Brisman isn’t covering just the basics of casino gambling with this book but also providing you with effective paths to a win. This is considered the best book on casino gambling. Although it released more than a decade back, you can find tips and rules to be prevalent even today. Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling has, however, become dated in some places due to its age. One of the greatest benefits of reading this book is that you get exposed to more casino games besides the most popular ones, such as poker, blackjack, and slots. But these highly popular games have different chapters and completely distinct sections to describe their concepts and effect in the casinos. Sports betting is also covered in a chapter.

Casino Gambling

3.      American Casino

The author of American Casino, Steve Bourie, has been in the industry to offer gamblers with a series of updates about the changing phase of gambling. With the four decades of experience he has had with the research, several vital pieces of information have been provided through this book, also co-written by Jean Scott, Bob Dancer, Anthony Curtis, Max Rubin, and John Grochowski. Being the country with the largest gambling industry, the United States has witnessed multiple events in the past. All these aspects, along with the basics of bets and various games, are covered in American Casino, one of the thickest gambling books, clocking in almost 500 pages.

Gambling Tips That Actually Work


Anyone placing bets over a sport or a casino game does that not only for the entertainment but also for the money. Reaping the benefits of gambling is the last phase of it; you need to pass through various stages to get to that position. When you gamble, you must manage your risks and improve your chances of winning. It is easier said than done since it involves more than one player with varying skill levels. You will need to think twice before wagering on the next move. As luck prevails in most of the games, you need to be careful when you make decisions. Discipline is important when you are playing for money; so, you must stick to a particular format or follow certain tips to emerge from the session with all the coins on the table. Let us look at some gambling tips that actually work.

1.      Stick to a Bucket Budget

The area that most gamblers fail to excel at is money management. For it to be effective, one has to maintain a bucket budget with controlled gambling habits. With this discipline, your practice how and when to bet on the games. This will also help you stick to small wagers for a long time without causing major losses. If you have as many tickets as you had when you started playing even after a few rounds of a game, you don’t need to necessarily stop gambling. But if you want to take home at least that same value without losing a penny, it would be better to quit.


2.      Smaller Bets are Better

Many tips online may advise you to bet big to draw huge numbers from the casino’s vaults. Nothing or no one at the casino guarantees you a win in the games you play, meaning you have to know about the game’s working in order to have an advantage over the house edge. Unless you have established such a position over the round, you shouldn’t go for the bigger bets. It is always better to make small bets so you can wager more over the same period. The higher the number of times you bet, the higher are your chances of winning.

3.      Short Odds Over Long Odds

With experienced players on the table, you are less likely to win the game because they know how to implement the strategies and win in the long run. One of the cons of gambling at casinos is that you can have profits only over a short period. Sticking to the short odds will keep you from losing huge amounts when playing with experts.

4.      Choose Smaller Jackpots

There is no better way to make more money on a night than put your funds into a jackpot. Slots, roulette, and keno are the games offering this massive gambling opportunity. If you want to try it, make sure to pick the small ones so that you don’t lose it all in a single session. When playing slots jackpot, it is always better to pick the game with 4,000 credits.

How to Gamble Responsibly


Every gambler tends to put more money into a game when they have a win approaching, but no good sign can guarantee you the massive amounts. Gambling is one of the most addictive activities, alluring more people as time passes. It is known that putting money into gambling is a risk, even when the chances are high for a win because a house edge exists to cut a certain amount from your initial bet. Several such factors apply in gambling; so, you need to be careful while playing the games.

Knowing the rules and a few strategies alone will not help you win or keep you away from losses. You must also have a basic understanding of the consequences of excessive gambling. Without being aware of any of these and jumping right into a game could be folly. The fine line that exists between fun and addiction shouldn’t be crossed at any point. To gamble responsibly is a challenge but is the right way of approaching a game. So, let us look at a few tips to be a responsible gambler.

1.      Entertainment at a Cost

You can pay to be entertained by watching a movie or at a theme park, but weekend nights at a casino lifts the mood altogether. Since adults crave fun and more money, they wouldn’t mind spending some dollars on a poker or blackjack session. As you know, every game will cost you some money, and it goes into the pot without any guarantee of returning with added benefits. Being a gambler, you must consider it as pure entertainment and not a form of earning money.


2.      Set a Budget

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t focus on the possibility of winning money from these games. It should always appeal to you as a form of entertainment, implying that you should set a budget for the gambling nights. Without such a limit to the money you spend on the game, you could lose grip over it. Your whole effort can go haywire if you keep borrowing money from other players or friends to keep playing in the casinos. Every gambler must make it a habit to exit the casino once they run out of funds.

3.      Time Limit Matters

Besides the money you invest, the time is an important factor that determines your gambling addiction. If you decide to borrow and spend money over a game, you will surely stay glued to the seat for hours until you can compensate for the losses. Setting a time limit to your game will help you snap out of it as soon as the alarm bell rings.


4.      Superstitions are Drivel

It may sound derogatory if you are a fan of gambling, but it is true that superstitions do not exist in the games. You must not believe in such notions that have been developed over the past several decades. There is no such thing as a lucky table or splendid machines; winning at the games will always depend on your skills and the unpredictable outcomes.

Tips to Fortify Your Video Poker Strategy

Poker Video

A game based on the five-card draw ventures you to focus on a melange of probabilities that impact the outcome of random exploits. If Lady Luck is passionate about you, your experience of fun and frolic can transcend into a lucrative one.

This is a game that can furnish you zillions of you engage in making the real choice. Therefore, this is not a game purely based on your luck but instead accords you a degree of control over the game. A smash – hit on the casino floor ever since its introduction in the mid-1970s.

Though you have escaped the scrutiny of pit bosses and dealers and the troubling casino etiquette, players often overlook intricate details regarding it as trivial; however, many of these inconsequential tips can transcend you in to your reverie of a millionaire.


Know the Game You Are Indulging In

When engaging in video poker, the crucial element is to familiarise with the wide assortment and have a comprehensive understanding of the variation you are embarking on. The melange includes Jacks or Better, Bally’s All American, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, and Joker’s Wild.

It is vital that you grasp the rules and regulations of each game, as each version has minute variations from the other. Abs being aware of these slight differences can furnish you that winning streak.

Galvanize Your Use of Coin Bets

Win as much as you can might be your motto when it comes to video poker. To actualise this motto, it requires you to play with a maximum coin bet. This, in turn, will aid you in materialising the chances of hitting a royal flush.

Suppose you decided not to employ maximum coin bet, and you landed in a royal flush, but only could procure a percentage of the win, simply because you did not deploy maximum coin bet.

Coin Bets

Ensure Your Pay Structures

To be thoroughly prepared for any situation entails you familiarising yourself with the structure of the game in and out. If you have clarity on the past structure attached to your game, it will enable you to engage in prudent decisions considering the risk factor attached to it.

Confusion can affect your game of you are uncertain of the various payouts. In certain instances, these pay variations are a result of playing between different games. In such a case, always opt for the one with a more massive payout for which you will be required to observe each variant in terms of payouts.

online gambling

Practice Maketh a Man Perfect

The legalisation of online gambling in several states across the US and other countries have offered players an undue advantage. This advantage entails engaging in video poker at the comfort of their own abode.

It is not just the comfort that is a solace, but the fact that this game can be accessed for free at an online casino before they embark on the casino floor for real money. There is no specific limit to gain an advantage in the game.

The golden rule is, the more you practice, the more chances of filling your wallet. This does not negate the caressing stroke of Lady Luck; however, it is your experience combined with Lady Luck beside you, which is going to shower you the stature of a millionaire.

Top Mistakes to Elude While Playing Common Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold 'em

The notion of indulging in a game of perfect poker is a fairy tale. Simply because even for a seasoned poker player, there exist a plethora of opportunities for improvement.

So, analysing those areas where you need to improve and emerging triumphant in those areas will not only accord you a mental gratification but also augment your chances of a winning streak.

Though novices frequently fall prey to these common mistakes, veteran players are not free of these mistakes either. Therefore, identifying these mistakes, after which steer clear of it.

poker player

Abstain from Playing Pre-Flop Hands

Texas Hold ’em can deluge you in boredom if you happen to have terrible hole cards. This can be frustrating, especially when playing live. Instead of giving in to your boredom, the safest escape is to play too many hands before the flop.

Despite receiving a horrendous hand straight for two hours, and yet staying disciplined is one that distinguishes a veteran poker player.

At the same time, you are sure to land at a sticky spot of you indulge in too many hands pre-flop. Instead of incurring substantial losses in such situations, it is always better to hand your cards back to the croupier.

Avoid Overplaying Speculative Hands

The value of your hand is a subjective term that is dependent on the kind and action of the opposition. There exist specific holdings that are not forceful like small flushes. Certain players, specifically the novices, tend to accord it more value than it possesses.

What happens when you overplay these cards? You are merely relegating these hands into bluffs. And therefore, every single time, your opponent seems to have a better hand.

Speculative Hands

Steer Clear of Quick Reflexes Before Giving it a Thought

An issue that plagues every both novice and professional poker players alike. If you do not satiate in thinking through, you are on a toss. A few extra seconds would have saved you from those costly mistakes.

The only way out is to tutor yourself to be patient, pause, think, and then act. It is necessary to think through your opponent’s action or possible action, verbal tells, position, and sizing. Those few extra seconds would let you escape the grasp of your instinct and let you follow a clear trail of thought.

Best Games

Ensure to Table-Select and Unfurl the Best Games

If it is merely for fun, you need not take the game selection seriously, but if you are there with an objective to win a gazillion, then you need a closer examination at the game. It can often drain you of your patience, waiting for the best table online or offline.

It feels better to embark on the venture, even if it means combating veteran players. However, this is a wrong approach, and it will not furnish your reverie of a lucrative game.

Therefore, a pursuit for the best table cannot be evaded at any cost. The other way round at a table is reckless and will cost you a gazillion in the long run.

Top Poker Strategy Tips

Poker Strategy

The ethos of poker might limit it as a game of cards; at the same time, a game of poker can furnish you much more than fun and frolic. Your experience at the poker table can be applied not merely in the game but also in life as general.

Poker entails a lot more than counting outs and calibrating pot odds; therefore, to evolve into a veteran player, a fortified strategy is the need of the hour.

Bankroll Management

The most crucial skill required is to manage your money, as it is the sole and most vital asset. Therefore, handling it prudently is the key to succeed in the game of poker. You must strictly abstain from consuming to many shots and playing for more than you can actually afford – steer clear of these two as these are two quick ways to forfeit your money.

The best part about mastering this skill is that it will help you manage similar life situations. This will enable you to master the art of taking necessary risks and dispensing funds most systematically. Be it at the casino floor or on your business venture; it is a desirable skill to flaunt.


Making Decisions in a Tense Situation

Playing poker is not a comfortable space; instead, you are constantly under pressure, unlike certain calming casino games. Every decision you embark on has a pertinent sequel in the future; it is paradoxical to elude this pressure despite your desire for a break.

In certain instances, you are required to play numerous tough hands in a row; the worst part about this is; every single time, you are expected to make a prudent decision. You do not have the leverage of taking a timeout or seeking your friend’s help.

While this whole idea might seem daunting, it will fetch you the right frame of mind in high tense situations and also showering you a safer environment. Once you are shaped in such a manner, you will be able to make wise choices pertaining to other areas of your life.

This is the reason why manifold poker players venture into areas such as investment and finance, as working under pressure has become their second nature.

The Art of Patience

Though you are a seasoned player, once at the table, you got to keep calm. This involves situations where your patience will be tested, and it requires you to be determined anticipating for prolonged hours in the hope that a situation to your advantage will actualise.

Forcing things must work once in a blue moon, but it definitely does not offer a winning streak. Once you master the art of patience, you are on a roll when it comes to personal situations as well.

This virtue will let you combat unnecessary frustrations, which can take you for a ride otherwise. When everyone around you is impatiently tapping at the table, you will be seated at the table in tranquillity, patiently waiting for your turn.

Top Tips for Organising a Casino-Themed Christmas Office Party

Casino-Themed Christmas

If you are fancying throwing a phenomenal Christmas party, you better get started. If you have been assigned the charge of organising it, you better blend the glitz and glamour of the casino with the adorning bells that can furnish you with the ultimate Christmas spirit.

Planning and making a watertight plan will save you from the last-minute panic attacks; at the same time, present your employees with an end-of-the-year bash appreciating them for their hard work.

Present your colleagues with a night loaded with fun and frolic; a casino-themed party is a sure winner almost always. From exhilarating games with alluring prizes to the exuberance of appetizing food and drink, you can fashion a casino right in your office.

Go Crazy with Decorations

Unleash the creative element in you by sending out invitations glued to playing cards, and as tickets for staff, you could utilise chips, similar to a casino floor. If it is an electronic invite, deploy fonts that invoke Sin City feel, and embellish it with dice and playing cards motifs to make your theme crystal clear.

The next crucial step is to decide on the casino theme you want to fashion. Is it a traditional or a modern casino approach you prefer? The conventional casino approach can be embraced by discarding the clocks and by employing dim lighting, in juxtaposition for the contemporary approach utilises the velvet ropes, red carpets, and an abundance of glistening.

If you have the luxury of splurging, bring in palatial furniture and make tailor-made chips which can serve the purpose of fun souvenirs.


Prudent Selection of Games

Offer a melange of casino games that vary from Texas Hold ’em, roulette, blackjack, to craps. It is better to stick with swift games, and you can even venture to offer quick guidelines for the novices out there.

The renting of tables and equipment must be done according to the budget allocated and is you are offered enough finances, luxuriate in the service of croupiers who will run the games for you. If it is a limited budget, make sure you train some of your colleagues to transform into that exceptional croupier.

Impressive Prizes

Bestow Impressive Prizes

You can uplift the mood of those blessed by Lady Luck by presenting them with a noise-cancelling headphone if there is a lot of clamour outside. There are also other options like spa days or massages, gift vouchers, movie tickets, or a wearable gift like FitBit.

Suppose you want to bring a smile on everyone’s face. You can go the extra mile to think creatively and develop something like boxes that resemble a dice and fill them with tissues printed like $100 bills. Now everyone will be mesmerised by this small reward; you can add in playing cards and a delectable food item to witness that glow in their face.

3 Best Books on Secrets of Slot Machines


If you as any gambler what their desired game is to play at a casino, the first answer would always be a slot machine. There are various reasons why slots are known as the first favourite games by the gamblers. The first reason is always its method of playing, and you don’t need any skills for this as the game revolves around a random number generator where the numbers and patterns are automatically created making the patterns visible for the players. If you are an ardent slot player, you must give this post a read. The following article deals about the various slot related books to read if you have not yet read.

The Slot Machine Answer Book

The first one on the list is The Slot Machine Answer Book written by the famous author and slot machine lover John Grochowski. The book was inaugurated and published in the year 1999. It is the best book to everyone in slots, especially for the beginners as everything is broken down into small pieces for the reader’s information. The book to attract the readers starts by questioning your gambling memory by beginning with a quiz about what you may or may not know about the gambling platform. This book is sure to teach you a lot of easy steps and tricks to learn more on the slots, especially for the beginners.

Slot Machine

Slots Conquest

The second one being Slots Conquest is written by the most excellent author named Frank Scoblete in the year 2010. The book gives an insight into everything and anything about the slots and how the machine works. It also charts out these notions in the form of humour to attract the players and readers as well. Apart from playing slots, the books also give you an insight into how to control your money, manage it properly. This book also teaches you about the common mistakes you can do when it comes to slot machines.

Powerful Profits from Slots

The third one is Powerful Profits from Slots that was written by another prominent writer named Victor H. Royer in the year 2003.  There are various topics in his book that are broadly explained for the readers to know more.  Some of the topics comprise of what and which slot machines to choose while opting for slots. How to win more potentially, how to pay various kinds of slots and play to win. Other than these, there are few more topics like three reel machines, Pay cycles and lastly secrets of playing in slots.

Profits from Slots


The above-given articles are only a few of the best books that are present in the world. If you are filled with love towards playing slots, you must give these books a read to know more.