3 Best Books on Secrets of Slot Machines

3 Best Books on Secrets of Slot Machines

If you as any gambler what their desired game is to play at a casino, the first answer would always be a slot machine. There are various reasons why slots are known as the first favourite games by the gamblers. The first reason is always its method of playing, and you don’t need any skills for this as the game revolves around a random number generator where the numbers and patterns are automatically created making the patterns visible for the players. If you are an ardent slot player, you must give this post a read. The following article deals about the various slot related books to read if you have not yet read.

The Slot Machine Answer Book

The first one on the list is The Slot Machine Answer Book written by the famous author and slot machine lover John Grochowski. The book was inaugurated and published in the year 1999. It is the best book to everyone in slots, especially for the beginners as everything is broken down into small pieces for the reader’s information. The book to attract the readers starts by questioning your gambling memory by beginning with a quiz about what you may or may not know about the gambling platform. This book is sure to teach you a lot of easy steps and tricks to learn more on the slots, especially for the beginners.

Slot Machine

Slots Conquest

The second one being Slots Conquest is written by the most excellent author named Frank Scoblete in the year 2010. The book gives an insight into everything and anything about the slots and how the machine works. It also charts out these notions in the form of humour to attract the players and readers as well. Apart from playing slots, the books also give you an insight into how to control your money, manage it properly. This book also teaches you about the common mistakes you can do when it comes to slot machines.

Powerful Profits from Slots

The third one is Powerful Profits from Slots that was written by another prominent writer named Victor H. Royer in the year 2003.  There are various topics in his book that are broadly explained for the readers to know more.  Some of the topics comprise of what and which slot machines to choose while opting for slots. How to win more potentially, how to pay various kinds of slots and play to win. Other than these, there are few more topics like three reel machines, Pay cycles and lastly secrets of playing in slots.

Profits from Slots


The above-given articles are only a few of the best books that are present in the world. If you are filled with love towards playing slots, you must give these books a read to know more.