Best Gambling Books of All Time

Best Gambling Books of All Time

Being a gambler, you should know the right time to bet and how to quit. There is a lot to learn about the activity before you head over to a casino to play on the tables or machines. With plenty of resources available today, you can easily scrape information from online archives and pages to learn about the game. The issue with the content available on your screens is that it can be misguiding if you are not aware of the working of the games. Reading the books may give you a closer look at all the details of what goes on within the casinos and each game. It also applies when you are engaging in sports betting. Let us look at some of the best books you can buy to learn to gamble.

1.      Sharp Sports Betting

This book by Stanford Wong focuses on various aspects of betting on sports. Unlike the other books, this one isn’t complex and doesn’t require much proficiency in the activity to understand the basics. However, you need to put in some effort and have some commitment to peruse Sharp Sports Betting. Since it has features that may be new to you, taking it slow will help you better understand all the options available. The chapters include tips on how to place bets, money management, parlays, handicapping, basic math involved, fan money, season wins, Poisson props, NFL gaming options, and much more. You are also offered appendices, tables of data, and glossaries in the book to make it easier for you to understand the printings on the pages.

Sharp Sports Betting

2.      Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling

Andrew Brisman isn’t covering just the basics of casino gambling with this book but also providing you with effective paths to a win. This is considered the best book on casino gambling. Although it released more than a decade back, you can find tips and rules to be prevalent even today. Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling has, however, become dated in some places due to its age. One of the greatest benefits of reading this book is that you get exposed to more casino games besides the most popular ones, such as poker, blackjack, and slots. But these highly popular games have different chapters and completely distinct sections to describe their concepts and effect in the casinos. Sports betting is also covered in a chapter.

Casino Gambling

3.      American Casino

The author of American Casino, Steve Bourie, has been in the industry to offer gamblers with a series of updates about the changing phase of gambling. With the four decades of experience he has had with the research, several vital pieces of information have been provided through this book, also co-written by Jean Scott, Bob Dancer, Anthony Curtis, Max Rubin, and John Grochowski. Being the country with the largest gambling industry, the United States has witnessed multiple events in the past. All these aspects, along with the basics of bets and various games, are covered in American Casino, one of the thickest gambling books, clocking in almost 500 pages.