Top Tips for Organising a Casino-Themed Christmas Office Party

Top Tips for Organising a Casino-Themed Christmas Office Party

If you are fancying throwing a phenomenal Christmas party, you better get started. If you have been assigned the charge of organising it, you better blend the glitz and glamour of the casino with the adorning bells that can furnish you with the ultimate Christmas spirit.

Planning and making a watertight plan will save you from the last-minute panic attacks; at the same time, present your employees with an end-of-the-year bash appreciating them for their hard work.

Present your colleagues with a night loaded with fun and frolic; a casino-themed party is a sure winner almost always. From exhilarating games with alluring prizes to the exuberance of appetizing food and drink, you can fashion a casino right in your office.

Go Crazy with Decorations

Unleash the creative element in you by sending out invitations glued to playing cards, and as tickets for staff, you could utilise chips, similar to a casino floor. If it is an electronic invite, deploy fonts that invoke Sin City feel, and embellish it with dice and playing cards motifs to make your theme crystal clear.

The next crucial step is to decide on the casino theme you want to fashion. Is it a traditional or a modern casino approach you prefer? The conventional casino approach can be embraced by discarding the clocks and by employing dim lighting, in juxtaposition for the contemporary approach utilises the velvet ropes, red carpets, and an abundance of glistening.

If you have the luxury of splurging, bring in palatial furniture and make tailor-made chips which can serve the purpose of fun souvenirs.


Prudent Selection of Games

Offer a melange of casino games that vary from Texas Hold ’em, roulette, blackjack, to craps. It is better to stick with swift games, and you can even venture to offer quick guidelines for the novices out there.

The renting of tables and equipment must be done according to the budget allocated and is you are offered enough finances, luxuriate in the service of croupiers who will run the games for you. If it is a limited budget, make sure you train some of your colleagues to transform into that exceptional croupier.

Impressive Prizes

Bestow Impressive Prizes

You can uplift the mood of those blessed by Lady Luck by presenting them with a noise-cancelling headphone if there is a lot of clamour outside. There are also other options like spa days or massages, gift vouchers, movie tickets, or a wearable gift like FitBit.

Suppose you want to bring a smile on everyone’s face. You can go the extra mile to think creatively and develop something like boxes that resemble a dice and fill them with tissues printed like $100 bills. Now everyone will be mesmerised by this small reward; you can add in playing cards and a delectable food item to witness that glow in their face.